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How to Stay Safe from the Top 4 Home Hazards


With your children’s innate curiosity, they can be at risk of injuries or accidents that you don’t want to happen. It’s best to observe safety measures at home, especially if your kids are below five years old.

Did you know that there are four things at home that are hazardous for your kids? As a leading child day care center in the state, we understand your concern in ensuring your kid’s safety. We would like to share these safety tips with you:

  1. Accidental poisoningChildren can be especially curious about things that are hidden in cabinets and drawers. Here are some safety measures you can follow:
    • Store your medicines away from their reach.
    • When you give them medicines, don’t tell them it’s candy.
    • Lock away all poisonous products and cleaning solutions.
    • Place poison control’s contact number where you can easily see it.
  2. ChokingYour kid can be at risk of choking because they want to ingest everything they put their hands on. Reduce the risk of choking with these safety measures:
    • Cook food that is easy to swallow, especially if your child is still below 4 years old.
    • Select finger foods that are safe for them like bananas, cereals, or cooked pasta.
    • Store small items away from your child’s reach.
    • Give them toys that are safe and appropriate for their age.
  3. BurnsWhether it’s from the kitchen stove or an electric iron, burns can happen at home especially if your little ones are always excited to touch anything. To protect them from burns, follow these tips:
    • – Keep them away from you when you’re cooking or ironing clothes.
    • – Handles of cooking pots should always be turned towards the stove.
    • – Always accompany your kids when they’re in the kitchen.
    • – Store away all items that create fire or heat.
  4. FallsYour kid can easily fall over when their legs are still not strong enough. Most kids also enjoy climbing up on anything they think they can climb on. Observe these safety measures:
    • Lock the entrances to places with stairs.
    • Install small gates on the top and bottom of your stairs.
    • Protect your windows with window guards.
    • Watch over your child when they’re climbing up on anything.

At Sharon Baptist Head Start, you can trust us to follow these safety measures. They can enjoy their head start pre-k in Bronx, New York and two generation program under the eyes of dedicated childcare providers.

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