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Healthy Eating Guidelines for Your Little Ones

Promoting healthy eating habits in children as early as possible is paramount, for this can significantly contribute to their current and future well-being, growth, and development. Would you like some helpful tips on how to achieve this? Sharon Baptist Head Start, one of the leading day care centers in New York, is here to assist you!

Apart from providing top-caliber childcare in Bronx, New York, we are also determined to support parents by making important tips and tidbits readily available. Listed below are highly recommended healthy eating guidelines for your little ones:

  • Make sure every meal includes a diverse range of foods from all the major food groups. As experts in early childhood in New York, we suggest incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy or dairy alternatives into the diet of your growing children.
  • Guide your children on proper portion sizes to prevent overeating. Child day care centers, including ours, recommend avoiding the insistence on finishing everything on the plate. Instead, highlight the significance of being attuned to the body’s hunger and fullness cues.
  • The most important tip of all is to lead by example. Children are more encouraged to embrace healthy eating habits when they observe their parents and caregivers making nutritious food choices. Be a positive role model by incorporating various healthy foods into your diet.

Are you seeking a family program that fits your unit’s needs and preferences? We precisely are what you’re looking for. Let us get in touch then!

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