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From Infancy to Age 5: Vital Information for Parents

Parents play a fundamental role in nurturing a child’s well-being and supporting their development during the critical phase from birth to five years. That is why being armed with the proper knowledge must be emphasized more. Sharon Baptist Head Start, one of the leading day care centers in New York, is here to assist you!

As advocates of optimal childcare in Bronx, New York, we make every effort to ensure families have convenient access to accurate resources and services. As such, you may refer below to learn about essential information regarding infancy to age five:

  • Nutrition
    Nutrition plays an integral role in early childhood development. Start by providing proper nutrition through breastfeeding or formula feeding in the early months. Around six months, introduce age-appropriate solid foods based on your pediatrician’s recommendations. As your child grows, promote a balanced diet by incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins.
  • Physical Development
    Facilitating physical development is vital at different stages of a child’s growth. Initially, it’s beneficial to encourage regular tummy time for babies to enhance their neck and shoulder muscles. As the child develops, it becomes crucial to actively foster the development of their gross and fine motor skills—aspects that child day care centers can significantly help with.
  • Cognitive Advancement
    Boost cognitive development by creating a stimulating environment with age-appropriate toys and activities. Additionally, regularly reading to a child is recommended to enhance language development. Our facility provides a quality education that incorporates all these and more.

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