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Early Childhood Education in Shaping the Child

Every new experience of a child is an investment for his/her future which is why as parents and educators, we should prioritize their education at an early age.

Hereunder are the reasons why early childhood education is significant in shaping children:

  • Socialization
    When children are sent to school at an early age, they can also overcome shyness and develop self-confidence earlier. They are also more open to cooperating with others which will help children, especially those who have no siblings, to develop camaraderie and eventually consider providing social service.
  • Enthusiasm for learning
    As curious beings, children thirst for knowledge, and early education can satisfy this thirst. We can also convey to them the value of education so they can appreciate its presence in their lives.
  • Instill values
    They will learn values such as respect for others’ belongings, opinions, and the people, themselves, resilience to be able to manage themselves and regulate their emotions, and patience to help them understand that equal opportunities await them, they just have to wait for their turn.
  • Experience diversity
    They can immerse in people who have different cultures, beliefs, and ethnicity that will shape them to become well-rounded individuals.

We want your child to experience the beauty of our education for early childhood in New York. If you’re also curious about what we can do to ensure that your child develops as a learned and value-oriented being, enroll them at Sharon Baptist Head Start today!

Our educational programs focus on your child’s holistic development because our preschool in Bronx, New York believes that learning comes from different integrated sources which are both fun and challenging.

We accept inquiries. Visit our child day care centers in the Bronx, New York to get started!

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