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Boost Your Child’s School Readiness: Tips for Parents

School readiness is when children possess the attitudes and skills necessary to thrive in an academic setting. In addition to enrolling your child in preschool in Bronx, New York, there are other ways you can encourage school readiness. Here are a few ways to boost your child’s school readiness at home:

  • Strengthen your child’s self-regulation skills
    Games that encourage kids to pay attention and follow instructions promote healthy development during early childhood in New York. Examples of games that require kids to follow specific instructions include “Simon Says” or “Red Light, Green Light.” Playing these types of games will help your child develop the focus and concentration needed in school.
  • Cultivate your child’s emotional intelligence
    Emotional intelligence is a key factor in determining whether children can adapt to the school environment. An emotionally intelligent child knows how and when to ask for help when faced with difficult situations. In addition to early education, parents can foster children’s emotional intelligence by identifying or naming their emotions and showing children how to express emotions.
  • Help your child practice self-control
    There are simple activities to teach children self-control. For example, playing games that require players to take turns can help boost self-control skills. Parents can also encourage children to make decisions by providing options, such as providing two options to wear to school or which activity they would like to do first before the other.

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