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Advantages of Hiking with Your Little One


Hiking with your kids can be a great way to bond with them, get some exercise, and explore the outdoors. While hiking can involve some risk, it doesn’t have to be dangerous if you take proper precautions.

As a certified preschool in New York advocating for children’s holistic growth, we have enumerated why hiking is a good activity for kids. These includes:

  • Developing a Connection to Nature
    Your children get to see and experience nature in all its glory and learn through observation. When you take your children hiking, encourage them to observe what’s around them and participate in activities like making leaf rubbings or collecting rocks.
  • Heightening Focus and Dedication
    Hiking teaches children to set realistic goals for themselves and achieve them by working hard and staying dedicated. When you take your kids on longer hikes in nature, they’ll have plenty of time away from distractions like television or cell phones, giving them ample opportunity to think deeply.
  • Building Confidence
    Hiking helps children overcome fears and teaches them to be more comfortable in new situations. It also helps children learn patience and independence because sometimes things don’t go as planned while hiking. These experiences can help build self-confidence because kids learn to deal with difficult situations without losing hope.

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