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7 Benefits Your Child Will Get from Coloring Books


If even adults like us find coloring books fun, think about how much more entertaining it would be for your child. But that’s not all coloring books are about!

  1. Coloring books improve hand-eye coordination.Hand-eye coordination is one of the primary skills a toddler must develop before they can learn to read and write. Don’t worry! There are many ways your child can learn hand-eye coordination. And one of those ways is coloring!
  2. Coloring books refine motor skills.Your child’s hand muscles are still developing. Coloring is an activity that will help your child calibrate those muscles. That way, they will be able to properly use their hands to hold small objects and write as they get older.
  3. Coloring books increase focus and concentration.Filling in each shape with a designated color is a fun challenge to your little one. You might even see them sit still by the kitchen table with nothing but their set of crayons and their coloring book. It may look like a peaceful sight to you, but your child’s mind is actually hard at work!
  4. Coloring books enhance relaxation.It’s true that coloring stimulates your child’s mind in so many ways, but at the same time, it also helps them to unwind. Even the adults who do coloring as a hobby can attest to that! Coloring is simply a therapeutic hobby. It allows your child to vent out their feelings in a productive manner.
  5. Coloring books teach patience.If your child is a bit restless, then coloring might just help them stay still. The beautifully drawn images in a coloring book will capture their attention! Just think about how surprised they will be when they realize that they can make their own addition to the picture with the help of crayons?
  6. Coloring books inspire creativity.There are no restrictions on coloring. Sure, your little one may be more inclined to coloring the illustrations as to how they are depicted in real life. But there’s really nothing wrong if they choose to color the trees and flowers a little differently. If anything, this unlocks new ideas in their mind!
  7. Coloring books encourage learning.Coloring books don’t only have pictures on them. Some even have illustrations of letters and numbers too! For example, one page might have the drawing of an apple and a big illustration of the letter “A”. This allows your child to make connections between the colors, letters, and shapes!

Coloring is a common activity in child day care centers for a good reason: It is an activity your child will commit to willingly and at the same time, it improves their level of school readiness.

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