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Easy Crafts and Activities for Kids to Practice Their Patriotism


The celebration of the 4th of July is the perfect chance to grab to get creative with your kids. Doing so is essential to unlocking their creative skills slowly while they are still young.

As a preschool in New York, we value the creative side of each child. By getting creative, not only they got to do cutouts, colors, paints, etc. But it is also a decent sensory play for them.

Here are some activities good for a child’s cognitive skill and sensory development:

  • Do It Yourself patriotic wreath or hanging lantern
  • Challenge them to express themselves through Flag making
  • 4th of July bingo game
  • Decorating baked Independence Day inspired goodies
  • Building 4th of July inspired puzzles

These activities can also be done at home as bonding with you and your kid. This is a good time where you can share ideas with your child, while at the same time you can discover what are they capable of. As a head start pre-k, we also incorporate these kinds of activities into our tasks in the center for the kids to enjoy and learn.

Sharon Baptist Head Start is a center that provides childcare in Bronx, New York. We offer different pre-k programs in the area, our program varies based on the age group of the child. Our program follows a certified curriculum for early childhood education. Under our care, we make sure that each child is nurtured and guided in developing new skills.

Get to know more about us. In case you are interested, give us a call. We can provide you with more detailed information about the programs and other services we offer.

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